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The Printing Press VS The Internet!
October 22, 2009, 4:03 am
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Jessica Fisher
Prof. Aievoli
Art 85

Printing Press VS Internet movement

The printing press and the internet were both two powerful inventions that occurred in history. The printing press was first invented in 1440 in Germany, by a German inventor by the name of Johannes Gutenberg. The printing press was a machine that could transfer letters and images by contact with different kinds of inked paper. The printing press was amazing for its time because it could print many copies of information rapidly. Because of this the common man had more access to information. The printing press was used until the 20th century, and affected the world greatly. The internet is a computer network that contains a worldwide network of computer networks. The networks they use are TCP/IP. The internet wasn’t really released to the public until the late 80’s early 90’s, but before that the government had test computers, and networks during the late 50’s. With the internet the whole world is connected to one another, and the access to information is available for almost everyone in the world.
Between the printing press and the internet in my opinion I would have to say the internet had a greater impact on the world than compared to the printing press. Sure at that time in the 1440’s the printing press was a huge deal, with more access to books, communication, and information. It certainly brought people together that’s for sure, and made it a little easier for the common person to write a book and get their thoughts published or anything published for that matter, music notes, art, poems, plays, etc. Also because of the printing press the price of books would go down making it cheaper for anyone to buy books. This would help anyone to be more educated, and learn how to read. Everything still took a lot of time to make with the printing press, but at least it made things more available. Because of more access to information, the kings would censor certain books that the public couldn’t get a hold of. God forbid there’s a revolution of some sort because the rulers aren’t treating their people right.
The internet is a greater invention compared to the printing press. Sure the printing press made information more available but the internet, I mean within seconds I could communicate to someone in Japan and then speak to someone who lives in Kenya. A person can almost instantly speak to someone across the world through instant messagers, things like face book, and video chat. It’s just really amazing how people can be in touch with each other across the world like they are around the corner with a touch of the key board. Sure they aren’t physically there, but just seeing a persons face and hearing their voice is amazing, and its like they’re there with you.
Also the access of information is endless on the internet you could look on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and start with, “What’s the wing span of the American bald eagle,” and end it with “What was the spark of World War I?” It’s completely endless which is amazing in its self. I personally, probably have saved so much money on books I would of brought but just instead looked things up on the internet. For an example, I really like to cook, instead of going out to a book store and buying a cook book I can just look up recipes online. Another thing is, I really like to knit, so instead of taking knitting lessons or buying books on it. I can just watched videos on how to knit online.
The possibilities with the internet are really endless and has something for anyone. It really lets everyone stay connected together, and makes the world a smaller place because it is so easy to be connected to one another.
Also because of the internet people can broadcast their thought’s and ideas even more easier than compared to the printing press. With things like twitter, and blogs, any one can post any thoughts they have and be their own author, which is great. People can also be their own artists with sites like Flickr and Deviant art where you can make your art public too. With these sites you can also sell your art too. So with these sites the internet is really helping you get yourself out there and be known world wide. It is such a great tool for anyone whether they are an artist trying to be known or a new business just starting out and an existing artist or business staying on top.
The internet today is still really new and is still being upgraded to make it better all the time. It first started with dial up connection, and now it uses cable to make it even faster and more efficient. For all these reasons I’ve listed between the printing press and the internet this is why I think the internet has had a greater impact on the world than compared to the printing press. The printing press was a very powerful invention but it just doesn’t compare to the availably of information and connection to people that the internet has given to us.


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I also feel that the internet had a greater impact. You are right about the printing press being a huge deal for that time, but I do agree that the internet’s contribution to society is alot larger.

Comment by art85kmonda


Very good paper. What would also be more interesting would be greater research into others opinions on the Internet. This could be done through more research on your part. Your points are well made however you do need to base them on other sources. I need at least three sources in a paper. This is basic writing requirements. Also please be sure to read and comment on other people’s blogs. See Ms. Monda above. Also we will discuss in class as a whole that as designers you need to customize these blogs with your artwork and styling. Spend sometime on wordpress and add some Widgets, get familiar with this product. It too is revolutionizing the world of communications.


Comment by patrickaievoli

I agree. the printing press was huge for its time, but the possibilities of the internet are in fact endless, where the press was limited in its possibilities.

Comment by art85kmonda

You made a very persuasive argument for the internet, and even though it didn’t completely change my mind, it really made me think more about the impact the internet has had. Great ideas and great paper!

Comment by tdixon00

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